Electrolysis for any skin type, any gender, any face and body area, any hair colour and texture

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Highly quialified and experienced specialist

I obtained my Beauty Diploma (Electrolysis included) in 2003 and have been specialising in permanent hair removal since then. I have more than 10 years experience working with lasers and electrolysis side by side for one of the big names in the aesthetic industry. I have a thorough in-depth understanding of how both treatments work and how to accurately assess their appropriateness and results, as well as how to correctly combine them for the best outcome. My passion lies in electrolysis and, therefore, it is what I have focused on exclusively since 2014. I am a fully certified and insured member of the British Institute and Association of Electrolysis, which is the only professional body in the Aesthetic Industry that has a separate entry exam and that requires its members to complete annual Continuous Professional Development training. The BIAE displays the current status of CPD of its members on their website directory and mine can be found in the Essex section. From April 2021 to March 2023 , I also served on the Board of BIAE and I continue to teach some of the practical electrolysis courses the BIAE offers.

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Modern state-of-the-art technology

I employ the best technological advancements related to my practice to improve my customer’s experience and optimise results. I have invested in a professional computerised epilator from the US, the Elite Spectrum by Instantron, famous for its comfort and reliability despite it being a very powerful machine. Its pulse duration of 0.1 sec allows for quick and effortless clearing of any facial or body area. My surgical loupes and HD LED light are another invaluable set of tools that allow me to see and treat accurately every hair that bothers you, no matter how small or how light in colour it is. I use gold probes almost exclusively for my clients. These are presterilised, disposable probes, that are produced in wide range of sizes that allow me to match them closer to the size of your hair roots. This results in treatments with higher effectiveness and improved comfort.

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“Marathon sessions” welcome

I offer “marathon sessions” for clearing large body areas by electrolysis following the strategy of 3 clearances 4 months apart. I am comfortable working up to 6 hours a day for a number of consecutive days until the area is clear. Overseas clients are also welcome and I’ll do my best to help you plan your visit. My practice is conveniently situated just 30 min  train journey from Central London on a train line with frequent and reliable service. The nearest airport is London Southend, which is also on the same train line. London Stansted and London City airports are close by with convenient transport links as well as the EuroStar’s St Pancras Station. “Marathon sessions” require growing all hair in the target area for 4-6 months and booking at least 2-3 months in advance.

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Geri Panayotova

Permanent Hair Removal Specialist

I gained my Beauty Diploma (Electrolysis included) in 2003 in the world-renowned Ray Cochrane Beauty School in London. I was invited to teach Electrolysis immediately. While I enjoyed the experience, I realised I craved more practical placement. In 2004 I embarked on a wildly interesting learning journey when I took a position at one of the big laser clinics in London. I was extremely lucky to work with a number of highly professional, super geeky and enthusiastic nurses, doctors and aesthetic trainers. I grew with the company working my way through the ranks over the years, from Junior Practitioner through Senior Practitioner, Trainer and Assistant Clinic Manager. I continued practising Electrolysis and found myself booked with electrolysis treatments predominantly. Eventually, the corporate structure became too constricting for me. I had been following the Hairtell forum for a few years and all the exciting new electrolysis machines, the different strategies, the fancy probes and loupes my colleagues were discussing and sharing about, sounded so tempting. In 2014 I could no longer resist my heart’s calling, so I leftt work and set up my freelance business. I now have the freedom to make the rules and to choose the equipment and tools I want to work with. I have the flexibility to team up with different clinics in various locations. My clients appreciate the care and the extra length I go to ensure the best possible outcome of their treatment.

Geri Panayotova spoke at the BAHRS conference 2022 about the role of electrolysis in hair restoration repair cases
Geri Panayotova as one of the tutors of BIAE CPD course 2022

Permanent Hair Removal by Electrolysis

Electrolysis is the only method approved by FDA and British Medical Council as PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL. Fact! For comparison, Photoepilation (laser and IPL treatments) is only granted PERMANENT HAIR REDUCTION.


Skin Blemish Removal (ACP)

Another well-researched, but not well known application of electrolysis is for skin blemish removal. This therapy is referred to as Advanced Cosmetic Procedures. Skin tags, moles, seborrheic keratosys, blood spots, spider neavi, warts, sebaceous hyperplasia, xantelasma, millia and more are usually removed in one treatment.

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COVID 19 Safety Procedure

Dear present and future clients,
Times have changed and we need to adapt to new ways of working together in order to maximise our chances to survive and to protect the vulnerable members of our society.
I have spent the lockdown months reading, researching, listening to countless professional webinars and discussions, taking courses on infection prevention, trying out different types of PPE, preparing my risk assessments and doing test runs on my COVID 19 safety procedures. I realise that I cannot eliminate the risk of contracting Sars-CoV-2 100% completely, but I can certainly reduce it considerably with your help.
Let us tackle a sensitive issue first: Whether you believe that there is a virus or not, that it is dangerous or not, it is not important to me. However, I have responsibility to protect the health of all my clients and I am going to great lengths to do that. I expect everyone to show the same level of commitment! Please read all questionnaires and forms and answer all questions honestly. If I feel that someone is dishonest, I reserve the right to refuse treatment. Please familiarise yourself and follow the safety procedures as advised by PHE.
Remember that protecting yourself means protecting me and if I am healthy you can have your treatment.
Now let us crack on with the new rules.
1. All initial consultations are going to be carried out online via Zoom after filling out a registration and a medical questionnaire.
2. All further forms and consents are in online format and are transmitted using encrypted GDPR-compliant software as standard.
3. Appointment notification will remind you to check if you feel healthy and if you have been in contact with someone who was symptomatic or has fallen ill. Please cancel your appointment if you are feeling unwell or there is a chance that you have been exposed to Sars-CoV-2.
4. All sessions are by appointment only.
5. Please arrive alone unless:
• you are under 18 years of age, in which case the parent’s presence is required by law,
• or you require the assistance of a carer.
6. Please aim to arrive on time  as I need time for cleaning, ventilation and disinfection between clients.
7. Appointments will be spaced out to allow for all hygiene procedures in between.
8. Hands must be sanitised with the provided hand sanitiser at the entrance. Clients are welcome to use the customer bathroom if they wish as well afterwards.
9. Clients who are having body areas treated are welcome to wear a facial covering/mask for the entire length of their appointment.
10. Clients must avoid speaking during facial treatment as we are not able to comply with social distancing rules in this situation. Sneezing, coughing must be done in a tissue and the tissue binned.
11. I will be wearing a face mask and disposable gloves for every client .
12. All linen will be freshly changed for every client. All work-related linen, masks, towels, scrubs are stored and washed separately at 60°.
13. All work surfaces and frequently touched areas like door handles, hand rails, light switches are disinfected between appointments and the room is ventilated. Floors are vacuum cleaned and disinfected daily.
14. I only use disposable needles and all my tools are cleaned and sterilised to industry-approved standard.
15. In addition to the usual, approved for the purpose chemical disinfectants and cleaning solutions, I have invested in some innovative products used in hospitals and on the underground that physically destroy germs landing on surfaces treated with them.
16. If you have already had COVID 19 and have lasting health complications, please inform me of this as I may need to adapt the treatment.
17. If you have tested positive for Sars-CoV-2, please inform me of the date of your test and we will discuss how to continue.

All the additional safety measures as well as the spacing of clients, unfortunatelly, mean that I incur extra costs and will be reflected in the prices.

Thank you in advance for cooperating!

Cool Projects

A picture is worth 1000 words, so please browse through a few projects I’ve managed to capture on my camera. Thanks go to the clients that have given me permission to post their journeys online.

Male Back Hair Removal


Laser-Stimulated Hair


Hereditary hirsuitism


Laser-stimulated hair


Seborrheic Keratosis Removal


Skin Tags Removal



A few verifiable reviews

“I thought everyone had a hair free face when I was growing up and I decided to shave the hair fluff on my face. This occurred when I was a teenager, and for the last 16 years before I met Geri I had been trying a myriad of remedies to rectify the full beard and moustache I created. I am a beautiful woman but have black coarse hair. It’s not cute when it’s publicly displayed upon my face. I was at a low point with frustration and my last option was electrolysis. I was always told laser was best. However, for me it wasn’t, I really don’t think it’s a long term solution for black coarse hair. Speaking from years of experience, it does take your money though and the limited knowledge of some of those professionals did make my situation worst. I did have a bad encounter with an Electrolysis located in Hornchurch. They focus more on the money not the clients. I was so angry and sad. I did some serious tears. Nevertheless, I am extremely happy that the next week I did a consultation with Geri. She is extremely professional and very good, no questions are left unanswered. From the first moment we met and as I continue with treatment Geri takes the time to put you at ease and listen, be honest, and flexible and check on your progress. Since May 2017 my confidence level has continued to improve in that I can get back the face of years ago as I see amazing results in such a short space of time and it’s now November. Yes’, there is some discomfort with the needle and hair removal. Funny enough I find it therapeutic. I feel very happy that I found Geri and will continue to use her services. I have  refered her to family and friends. Electrolysis is great for long term hair removal.”


“I am diagnosed with PCOS and experience the symptom of excess hair growth. I would say that undergoing Electrolysis for the hair in particular on my face and neck has been very effective. It has treated the hairs that Laser was unable to and also the hair that was stimulated by Laser. My skin has not suffered any unpleasant side-effects, the downtime is minimal and Electrolysis delivered results, hence why I have recommended my Practitioner Geri to others and they too have been very impressed with the results.To those women that believe there is no hope regarding treating excess hair: I was one of you and 3 years on I can say there is hope and I am living not hiding myself away. “


“After spending all of my teenage and adult life feeling embarrased about my facial hair, I decided to take the plunge and seek out a permanent solution. I’m so glad I did. I found Geri; a wonderfully professional, discreet and friendly person. Her calm nature makes you feel relaxed and at ease. I didn’t experience any pain during treatment, just a little but very tolerable discomfort. After about 12 sessions over the last year, I am finally free of the fuzz. Just need to go back for the occasional ‘touch up’. Geri also cleared some skin blemishes with advanced electrolysis which has also boosted my confidence and helped me feel comfortable in my own skin.I can’t recommend Geri highly enough! ”


Latest News

Here you can read interesting articles on permanent hair removal and skin blemish removal. I will try to share with you  what I learn in my daily practice and discussions with colleagues from around the world as much as I can. So stay tuned…

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